“Very first 12 months Funk” – an Uptown Funk Parody by WashU St. Louis College Of Medicine


“Very first 12 months Funk” – an Uptown Funk Parody by WashU St. Louis College Of Medicine

#FirstYearFunk is a glimpse on how WashU Health care Students see their first yr by way of a parody of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. Decide on CC for subtitles!
This was produced as part for the Class of 2018 Annual Demonstrate. Click “Show A lot more” for credits/lyrics

Filming and editing products supplied by WUTV.

Vocals: Kunal, Shamaita, Kennethr
Dancers: Randy, Manoj, Andrea, Kenneth, Paolo
Backup Dancers: WashU Hip-Hop Union (WUHHU)
Lyrics and Screenplay: Rachel, Julia, Ellie, Shamaita, Travis
Filming Crew: Rachel, Julia, Ellie, Travis, Thomas
Choreography: Randy & Manoj
Recording and Mixing: Thomas
Imaginative Advisory: Joni Labin, Thomas, Travis
Executive Producers & Directors: Travis & Thoma

A unique thanks to Dr. Polites, Dr. Nunez, and Dr. Chung for their visual appeal in the video


This shit is my white coat
My tuning fork, and my stethoscope
This one’s for them newbies
Them M1s, premed degrees
Percussin’, auscultatin’ fundamentally MD.
Acquired MRSA on my white coat
Gotta foam myself, I’m so gritty

I’m too sensible (oh man)
Make Netter wanna retire man
I’m worn out (acquired slammed)
Call the doctor and an ambulance
I’m also lost (just crammed )
Really do not call my title, I really do not know a issue
I’m also broke (oh damn)
Uncle sam gimmme that cash, aid me out

Pass/fail, hallelujah (woo!)
Recorded lectures, hallelujah (woo!)
two-X hallelujah (woo!)
‘Cause very first-yr funk gon’ give it to you
‘Cause first-yr funk gon’ give it to you
‘Cause first-yr funk gon’ give it to you
Monday morning and we cannot get up
Do not attend em, just observe (come on)

Really don’t attend em, just view uh
Don’t attend em, just observe
Really do not attend em, just watch
Don’t attend em, just view
Do not attend em, just observe
Hey, hey, hey, oh

Stop, got 1 minute
Fill my cup, place some coffee in it
Get a sec, sign on in
Students! Lets begin! [specialist voice].
Got the CC, HPI
PMH and previous surgeries

Is she sizzling? (its a man))
Named my pal and I switched it guy
Now she’s hot (scorching damn)
Make the SPs wanna retire man
I’m too sizzling (scorching damn)
Identified that PMI, it was great guy
You acquired caught (oh man)
Should’ve gone for that JD
Break me out

No Step prep, hallelujah (woo!)
No Shelf exams, hallelujah (woo!)
Totally free time, hallelujah (woo!)
‘Cause very first-yr funk gon’ give it to you
‘Cause 1st-yr funk gon’ give it to you
‘Cause first-yr funk gon’ give it to you
Saturday night and we have a life

Don’t remain in, let’s consider shots (come on)
Really don’t remain in, let’s take shots uh
Don’t keep in, let’s take shots uh
Do not stay in, let’s take shots uh
Do not stay in, let’s get shots
Do not stay in, let’s consider shots
Hey, hey, hey, oh

Just before we leave
Lemme inform y’all a lil’ anything
Initial-yr funk you up
First-12 months funk you up
1st-year funk you up
Very first-year funk you up uh
I stated initial-yr funk you up
1st-year funk you up
1st-12 months funk you up
Initial-12 months funk you up

Come on, pass, you received it
Get a 70 then flaunt it
P is MD so personal it
If It ain’t high yield, don’t discover it.
Come on, patients, they by no means knew it
That I don’t know what im doin
Effectively it’s Sunday night and you are in the spot
You’re stressed about it? Take shots!

You’re stressed about it? Get shots!
You are stressed about it? Consider shots!
You’re stressed about it? Take shots!
You are stressed about it? Get shots!
You are stressed about it? Get shots!
Hey, hey, hey, oh

Very first year funk you up
First year funk you up (say what)
First year funk you up
First yr funk you up
1st yr funk you up
Initial year funk you up (say what)
1st year funk you up
Initial 12 months funk you up
1st yr funk you up
Initial year funk you up (say what)
Initial 12 months funk you up

Disclaimer: This solution does not reflect the opinions or beliefs of WUSTL SOM

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  1. FREAKING SERIOUSLY? I go to WUSM for film on spine surgery and I get this shit. Good job.

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  3. Really, guys? "Hot Singer WHOSE Never Stressed"? "WHOSE"? smh

  4. This was great! First year here! lol Unfortunately, at my school, one does not simply "don’t attend and just watch." We have mandatory attendance and letter grades. -_-

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  21. Pretty much how my entire first year has gone… and a great video to watch while I avoid studying for our final exams 😉 hilarious

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