The US President’s $two,614 Per Minute Transport System


The US President’s $2,614 Per Minute Transport System

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Philippines slams US drama over president’s sexual advance

Philippines slams US drama over president’s sexual advance
Philippines slams US drama over president's sexual advanceManila on Tuesday “strongly protested” about an American tv drama which exhibits a fictional Philippine president making a sexual advance on the US secretary of state. In the trailer for the most current edition of “Madam Secretary”, the lead character …
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Apartment in US president’s Trump Tower rented out on Airbnb

Apartment in US president’s Trump Tower rented out on Airbnb
Apartment in US president's Trump Tower rented out on AirbnbThe New York Times ( says the listing was eliminated right after it contacted Airbnb for comment about the rental in the building that is property to President Donald Trump and his family. The Trump Organization says condominium guidelines prohibit …
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Apartment in US president’s Trump Tower rented out on Airbnb Information & Occasions

US PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP 2016 Decision UPDATE Gold Foil Cut Autograph Auto SP

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By cmfgu on 2017-02-19 08:47:05

Comments (49)

  1. Well at least the current president does not fly around all the time to go play golf.

  2. theres also a 3 year old with a tricycle that goes by 3 hours before the motorcade

  3. If people can see what plane the president boards at the Airport runway, what’s the point of the second one?


  5. this is exactly the kind of info that doesn’t need to be available to just anyone. some things can be secrets even if they don’t need to be.

  6. ridiculous for any president. so out of control. assassinations are apparently well thought out in this country, if they want him, they’ll get him no matter what. CIA should know what I’m saying.

  7. The most powerful person in the world who cannot pass an executive order and BS on twitter

  8. If only people were decent in the world, people wouldn’t have to come up with these complicated ways of transport.

  9. Why did you show president Obama when Trump is president at the time of you uploading this?

  10. 漏れぃけべんどヴぇpろづちいおん

  11. I think it says a lot about the country, that they travel around with armed thugs and goons in a motorcade just like Hitler did.

  12. So lets go to mars-o-lago every weekend and bill that to the people!

  13. I hope crooked con man Donald Trump is a one term Buffoon . Donald Trump do not deserve all those protection.

  14. The windows do not open in that Cadillac? Don’t fart Mr. President

  15. when they are in denial about Trump…

  16. my gosh wtf i think it is too much in germany politicians just have 1 driver and a car lol

  17. LOOOOL In the Netherlands the Prime Minister travels by bicycle

  18. This was an incredibly well done video.

  19. So the president car need to pay tolls as well.

  20. In my country the president leaves his house and roams around the town doing his thing alone

  21. They’re loaded on a C17, not a C5. Much smaller aircraft.

  22. Nice video, but what are your sources?

  23. waste millions of taxpayer money every mins. use the money to help people.

  24. Can you do one on how Shit travels out my ass?..

  25. we have gigantic anti RPG missiles but that moron landed in White House with that stupid post helicopter????

  26. It must have cost stupid OBAMA a million dollars to play golf, the prick.

  27. the most powerfull person in the world isn t the president… it s the president’s mom .

  28. lol okay shit got ridiculous at 2:56

  29. Pfft, Give me twenty goodmen.

  30. Can’t the president just take Marine One everywhere? It would be a lot faster.

  31. Someone should fucking make a game based on this presidential escort shit ya know.

  32. Ok in can only afford 0000000000000.1% of the $ per minute

  33. Imagine the motorcade for Trump visiting a US Base in Syria…………

  34. meanwhile the prime minister of Holland ride bicycles everywhere

    On another note…why the hell wasn’t the UN just put in DC?!

  35. you’re wrong! the most powerful person in the world is PUTIN

  36. Good that we now only need one old bicycle for further on transportation. Gets the blond glory fluttering through the streets.

  37. calling bs on the driver having to pay tolls.

  38. Image all that Times frank went to the BBQ place

  39. when you forget to take the president with you


  40. Trump is our president! #MAGA

  41. the us government isn’t playing in this one, damn son.

  42. So the solution, don’t give anyone that much power, then you don’t have to protect them so much.

  43. This entire setup, unit, and motor cade is very interesting and cool!!!

  44. 6:37 holy shit I live on ditmars Blvd and the president passes so close

  45. lol all of this just for 1 man….

    People forget that he may hold an important position in society, but at the end of the day he is still just a regular guy.
    He is no different than you and I, and taking all these precautions to save his life in the event of an attack just makes it seem as though people think of him as a god or something. He’s not some avatar of divine knowledge that can solve all our problems…
    He’s just someone that is appointed to power based on popularity and false promises. If he were to be assassinated the world would not end, he can be replaced by someone else(if not better).

  46. Good ness knows how much Trump is costing every week end flying to Florida.. The republicans moaned about Obama playing gold locally. Even Queen Liz 2 has an old car.

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