The U.S. Government Explained in 5 Minutes


The U.S. Government Explained in 5 Minutes

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The U.S. Government Explained in 5 Minutes by Jthunderflash

Copyright (c) 2012 Jim Ford

Religion for Company Owners
Here on American soil, the United States Government tells enterprise owners that as company owners they have no correct to express their religious convictions or to workout their rights to hold correct to their religious beliefs since undertaking so could potentially infringe on the rights of other folks. The United States Government fundamentally tells organization owners that religion are not able to be allowed to influence their business if they are a “for profit” organization. On the other hand, there are needs to permit individual religious practices by the staff.

The government rules that a enterprise cannot be excused from complying with specified laws because of the owner’s individual religious convictions. This can be noticed obviously in the argument Hobby Lobby presented to the courts against compliance with a portion of the Reasonably priced Care ACT. The stance from Pastime Lobby is that it is a Christian based organization and that the necessity beneath the Cost-effective Care ACT to give each birth manage and the morning after pill violates their religious beliefs. The government on the other hand says that (as I recognize it) Pastime Lobby will not be excused simply because they are a “for revenue” enterprise. To me, this implies that religious beliefs are not afforded to people who earn a residing by means of the operation of their own business.

Do As I Say Not As I Do
What about our government? Our own government looks to have partnered with and established an embassy at the Vatican in Rome, and each president of latest background has manufactured it a point to visit the Pope. At a single level a United States President even hosted a birthday party for the leader of the Catholic Church.

The United States has also designed laws beneath Equal Employment Opportunity that tells business owners they should accommodate most requests from their employees to practice or stick to their very own religious beliefs, whilst telling the organization proprietor that they are not able to do the very same.

Working with the Vatican
The Catholic Church, managed by the Pope and his group at the Vatican, has followers in practically each nation in the globe and can have an massive impact on world or nearby policy, both favorably and unfavorably. You can see why our government would like to preserve relations with the Vatican. It would seem that we have the office of the president and the State Division functioning closely with the Catholic Church leaders, whilst at the identical time telling our reduce branches of the government to get rid of all references to God from their offices.

While our government leaders are meeting with the most influential religious leaders in the world and praying with their private ministers, they are also telling our children that they have no correct to pray, even just before a college football game!

Separation of Church &amp State
I know that right now, running through the back of your thoughts is some thing that has been driven into your head as a Constitutional requirement for “Separation of Church and State”. I implore you to seem up the United States Constitution, and go to the 1st Amendment. There, you will not discover this necessity expressly written as many of you may possibly think. It reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free of charge workout thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press or the proper of the folks peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

1st Amendment
Initially, the 1st Amendment utilized to laws made only by Congress, but a later on Supreme Court ruling applied it also to the states. Fundamentally, the state or federal government cannot market any distinct religion. The court, (Justice Hugo Black) chose to use the phrases of Jefferson, “government have to be neutral among religions and nonreligion: it can’t encourage, endorse, or fund religion or religious institutions.”

With this statement, one may possibly commence to understand that by removing “God” from government offices and public schools, the government is getting rid of the support of religion, but not to me. First off, just believing in, mentioning, or possessing a representation of God does not constitute a religion. In my thoughts, there is no specific religion supported or promoted by enabling “God” voluntarily into a public school or government workplace. I do however see that the government, by the act of forcing the elimination of any mention of God from these institutions is supporting and advertising the distinct religion of Atheism, or any other distinct religion that teaches against the existence of God.

Freedoms Infringed
Telling these who think in God that they are not allowed to express their religious beliefs, properly promotes the religions that are towards God. It looks pretty clear to me that this truly should not be a extremely complex problem. Any law that tells me I are not able to practice my religion is by definition a law that breaks with the 1st Amendment (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free of charge workout thereof) and also breaks from Jefferson’s phrases (government need to be neutral amongst religions and nonreligion). In my view, by making a ruling towards religion, we are no longer neutral, and we are prohibiting free of charge workout.

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  1. the repetitive pseudo-comical music was a big distraction

  2. Thank you for this. I still have questions, but this has answered some of the questions I had.

  3. Great video, but it needs to be updated to reflect the current state of representation in the SENATE!!! Congress is GOP!

  4. thanks for the video I got the congressional test tomorrow!

  5. As a Canadian I’ve long wondered about this. This video really did teach me what I wanted to know in 5 minutes!

  6. LOL! My Social Studies teacher showed this to us! And one of my classmates said you were her brother, but I’m pretty sure she’s lying. Good Vid. I subscribe

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  9. Hey, try spitting out the marbles in your mouth before speaking jackass.

  10. You forgot Lincoln in the list of presidents who waged war without consent. Lincoln then did everything Americans typically despise to keep waging that war: locking up dissenters, banning free speech, strong-arming and threatening politicians, conscripting foreigners in exchange for citizenship, using divisive rhetoric constantly, attacking civilians with the military, overstepping nearly every single constitutional stricture on the executive, blatantly spreading lies and propaganda, and putting the nation in huge dept in order to wage this war on a non-aggressor.

  11. Lol this was great. I literally learned more from this short video than all of my primary education!

  12. lol… "I’m looking at you France."

  13. Quick update to the situation in the senate and house. In the video it says that the Senate has more democrats than Republicans but as of 2016, there’s actually more republican representatives (52) than democrats (48)

  14. One thing: The legislative branch cannot just remove the president. Even if they hate the president, they cannot remove him or her unless the president has committed some sort of federal crime.

  15. Better for things not getting done than allowing one person or entity to dictate.

  16. You people need to read the US Constitution in the context in which it was written. The Declaration of Independence show Us what we need not repeat, the Articles of Confederation lay a foundation of principles the Constitution must improve upon, not violate. Article 10 of the Articles explains how the judiciary needs to be based. It explains why there is no mention of life time tenure for judges in the Constitution. Term limits are explicit the Articles of Confederation, as they are implied in the Constitution. The Constitution improves the union that existed before it was adopted with representation in proportion to population growth to the tune of one for every thirty thousand, not one for every 700 k as it is today.

  17. Got finals in 30 minutes, thank you ♥

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  19. Actually, the U.S. government explained in four minutes forty-nine seconds.

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  21. Further Comment relative to my previous post.

    And the Racketeer’s Al Capone refers to ("IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE") "TAKE" all of the money in the world that both blue and white collar workers have earned and worked for;

    And then "IMMEDIATELY INFLICT BANK CHARGES & CHARGE INTEREST" on that "TAKEN MONEY" upon members of the blue and white collar workers brigade world wide;

    To whom they had previously loaned "THE MONEY THEY HAD TAKEN FROM BOTH BLUE & WHITE COLLAR WORKERS"", in order for those blue and white collar workers to be able to take up home mortgages.


    (And unbelievably charge everyone an ATM fee, in order for them to be able to get back some of the money that was originally taken/stolen from them by their Employers and then given to the Banks "without choice/their permission).

    And Thus the Capitalist Banking & Money Laundering System of stealing honestly earned money (and rights) from blue and white collar workers, and then further capitalizing upon/further profiting upon this, via every form of Lie and Machiavellian deception possible within the international – interactive – inter-netting "BIG BROTHER BUSINESS UNION" of Banking. Politics, Corporate Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, Advertising, Franchising, Retailing, Cheap Labor & Financial Enslavement,

    Trundles on ad-nausea, using the same historically successful and evil methods of deception, to divide and convince "The Honest Working People’s Of One Nation" to Invade, Crush,and Oppress, the "Honest Blue and White Collar Workers Of Anther Nation", in order to increase their members shares in the profits made "Off The Backs Of The Honest Working Peoples Of The World".

    However as the old adage goes, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time" and it can now be seen world wide (e.g. Wikileaks) with previously hidden truths finally emerging, that indeed "The Times They Are A Changing".

    And it is my opinion that either true Democracy will prevail world wide, or given the continued nefarious activities of these International Racketeer, we will be seeing The End Of Days.

  22. 2:23 to 2:32 Of course you left Obama out.

  23. This was awesome. I am a Canadian who was so confused watching house of cards. I sincerely learned something here.

  24. you must first realize that 9/11 was an inside job…

  25. Rivers have branches, banks have branches, governments have branches… also, the founders established the branches as checks on one another to prevent one from becoming too powerful.

  26. If Trump sees this he won’t want to be president anymore.

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