Surveillance Camera Films UFO In excess of The St. Louis Arch


Surveillance Camera Movies UFO More than The St. Louis Arch

An Illinois man also sent his video to FOX 2 Information. Chase Rhoads says that he can’t explain what he saw. The independent cleaning consultant was outside the Casino Queen amongst two:30am and 3am Tuesday when he shot video of a UFO over the Gateway Arch.

the second clip was captured by a surveillance camera situated at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park.

Surveillance Camera Films UFO Above The St. Louis Arch by NowYouKnow

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As a consequence, mortgage applications fell to their lowest level in practically 13 many years mentioned the Home loan Bankers Association in a separate industry report.

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  1. The light in question is made by someone playing around with a laser. There are some better videos of it where you can see the light following the shape of the building. One can see the light in the sky because of the clouds that were present at the time. This was simply the laser reflecting off of the cloud. At one point the laser passes in front of some windows on the building where it seems to disappear. That is because the light is now shining into the building. If they have security cameras in the room the laser was shining into, I am pretty sure you would be able to see it shining in the room from outside. Nothing spectacular here. I could mimic the same thing on any cloudy night.

  2. I also viewed this and called for my son to come see, standing outside on my back deck on Tuesday night…I watched it for about 20 minutes, hoovering and at some points zig zag a few feet .. it was not a star because we were expecting the Monsoon storms and it was complete darkness…No stars visual just caught my eye because it was so bright and the only light in the sky. I saw other lights close by it but not as big and when the cloud coverage would not be so thick, I could see several with a red light with a very fast flash. A plane in the distance went by and the light I was watching started going upward…not across the sky but getting smaller and smaller .. I had my son outside with me to see this because I was not sure of what he was. Him being formal Military told me you never know…I thought maybe it would have been seen by others here in Arizona as well but never heard about this light until my son sent me this Video…It was before midnight here, I do not know the time zone difference between here and there, but it did happen, I am thankful for Chase Rhoads video just to clarify this for me…

  3. what is an "independent cleaning consultant"?

  4. I seen this exact same UFO flying in southeastern Michigan at about 10:30pm that night.

  5. Probably a drone. that phantom is bad ass dude. range is incredible and cameras for it are excellent quality. look up night time drone footage of the St Louis arch.

  6. characteristic of "aroura t3b interstellar craft" uses anti gravity drive

  7. Time of the video looks to be about 13 mins…which is dead one for the average Quad copter drone…. the movement is totally in line with a quad and the fact that they both landed in the same place leads me closer the the theory this is only a couple of drones with lights…. on them. really cool video…. and I love fact we have the full start to finish video which allows us to come to a more solid conclusion.

  8. Incredible and creepy! Those giant arrows came out of nowhere!

  9. The Governments are lying to you about aliens. Testemonies from high ranking officials also confirm this. People like Dan Burish, Boyd Bushman, Sgt.Clifford Stone and Ron Garner are examples of people who have worked with Alien entities on various military facilities. Feel free to follow Dr.Steven Greer, the leader of the Disclosure Project and Project Camelot to learn more. Also free to follow secureteam and thirdphaseofmoon to observe the overwhelming database of Ufo observations.

    The majority of aliens are very friendly in nature and they only want to help. The Secret Goverment is doing everything they can to keep us disconnected from them. The Aliens are sharing messages with us through a process called channeling. Feel free to follow #IvanTeller, #HucoloTV-HumanColony, #PleiadianProfessor to learn more.

  10. Should read "Surveillance Camera Films unidentified person flying drone Over The St. Louis Arch"

  11. Drones do not have lights THAT bright on them. Drones do not disappear and reappear a half mile or more away in position in a matter of few seconds. Drones do not move that slowly and without waver at a height of 700+ feet in the air! The Arch itself has a two foot sway back and forth due to high level winds at that height. Everyone dismissing this as a drone are not critically thinking about what they are watching. Come on, don’t be so gullible. This is something with powerful maneuvering and stability engineered into it. It has lights on it that are outshining skyscraper beacons by 10 fold or better. It is in a descent at one point that is at least a drop of 500-700 feet in a matter of a second or two…drones would tumble and fall out of the sky trying to do that! GET REAL PEOPLE!! I don’t understand why so many people just default to ridicule and derision of AMAZING things happening in the skies above our world. Are you all really that deluded and scared about reality? Would your world REALLY be that devastated if you realized there are others visiting us from some other place? What are you so afraid of? Is it just "cool" to go with the flow of denial?

  12. It’s just a drone. Being described as a strobe light is a dead give away. The craft is between us and the arch which makes it appear to be moving fast. The bobbing is also a trait of some drones, it’s descended rapidly and the on board GPS is locking onto a certain altitude to hold level flight. Also likely to be a second drone in this video as I spotted two separate lights around 5:30.

  13. I myself have watched things in the sky over Missouri. they may be drones. but the ones I see do not blink. All the drones I’ve seen have blinking lights to comply with faa laws. It’s interesting to say the least. I’ve been watching the sky every night for a few years now. there’s a lot of these things bobbing around up there. Keep your eyes open and you might see them too.

  14. You can buy drones for agriculture that has a light on them and they stay in one position mapping out an area for crops. The light is so a plane can see it, same as tall buildings and aircraft.

  15. A radio station is going alien hunting tonight through the city

  16. For those of you saying this is a drone. link us the proof, or get the fuck off the comment section. Your oppinions stink like NSA shills.

  17. To all the speculators, drones can be flown from exceedingly high altitudes as long as the transmitter allows it.
    Also the light could be coming from an exceedingly bright flashlight or LED light attached to the drone, when it goes dark, the light is turned away from the camera.
    I am sure someone somewhere is watching this laughing at all the publicity this is getting..

  18. read "Mankind’s Time Travel Field Guide" it explains all this crap.

  19. @ 6:55 and 7:00 was pretty strange to me out of the whole video. Did anybody else see that flash through the sky @ 7:00? Lawwd I need to stop drinking lol damn.

  20. I must admit, that with that music in the background, this story has to be true. Oh well, time to walk my good old dog. She might find something captivating as this. Like an old tennis ball…

  21. damn, looks like someone or many in the Arch were exposed

  22. He saw a white orb hovering over the arch? About a month ago, I saw a bluish orb appear on the black night far above me, it climbed upward leaving a blue line which created an arch! At an altitude of around 60 degrees at around midnight! As it climbed, when it reached the approaching curve towards the left, it suddenly paused and created a large flickering like effect at an angle as in going the complete opposite direction then disappeared as the orb continued to complete the arch as if a line were drawn in the sky. It took all of less than 2 minutes, I’d say.

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