St. Louis Rampardos Staff Constructing GBA S7 Week three | VS Florida Gatrs | Pokemon Sun and Moon


St. Louis Rampardos Staff Developing GBA S7 Week three | VS Florida Gatrs | Pokemon Sun and Moon

Season 7 of the Global Battle Association is right here and Coach aDrive breaks down his group for their week 3 matchup against the Florida Gatrs! Be sure to verify out our draft breakdown and the St. Louis Rampardos T-Shirts!

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  1. I Want The Gatrs To Win Cuz Feraligatr is My Favourite Pokemon

  2. I think that you should drop out of one of the two leagues

  3. Mold breaker goes through levitate. Under prep, I predict a 0-3 Dan :/

  4. Hey. I’m not saying this because I want to insult you. But you need some sleep. Your true fan will stay with you forever and always. Your health is more important. Plus yawning to some people might not be a good thing and they might lower your content quality. So get some sleep, and then wake up and make good content. If you are sick and tired, how can your contents be good for your fans to enjoy? Your subs will care for you and will definitely understand if you skip a day once in a while.

  5. I’m sorry Dan, I’m #TEAMGATR all the way. But if you win, I won’t be upset! Looking forward to an entertaining and competitive battle :]

  6. Am I The Only One Who Think Pokemon Is not About This Much Thinking Haha I just Fight With Type Advantage And Didn’t Care about Abilities and Natures Etc …….

  7. Do what you want to do, we can wait long enough

  8. is New york metapods gone for good?

  9. Switch liquidation for razor shell on golisiopod

  10. from the first team planning, ur Feraligatr Brosiden is in a Dive Ball with HA. How is that Possible, i thought it was only in Pokeball….due to the event distribution……..

  11. i’m just waiting for another episode of the itzgator special

  12. concentrate on VGC right now Dan. use these battles for fun. I’m enjoying them regardless

  13. It would so funny if Gatr names Latios DropAMalfoy

  14. dude quit bitching about your workload. everyone has their share of a workload. if its too much quit one, jhell quit both. if not quit bitching every opportunity you get, its really ruining your content when you start a video out with "ive been incredibly busy these last couple of weeks"

  15. Man Oh Man Dan Is One of The Most Hardworking YouTuber !!!!!! #aDriveworkhardwewillsubscribeyou !!!!

  16. The content is always great Dan. Thanks for making me want to be a battler and teaching me so much about the game. GREAT WINS AGAINST THE EX-CHAMPS DUDE!!!!! I was so hype even tho I didn’t make it for the live stream. Good luck in the future man, I know you work hard to make this channel what it is. Keep doing you 👍🏻

  17. honestly i think araquanid would have been a much more solid choice as it isn’t as weak to freeze dry and has about the same bulk, but it doesn’t have the worst ability in the world.

  18. Hey, would anyone be so kind to make me a logo… Baltimore bisharp (based off Baltimore ravens logo)

  19. Hey adrive? You know that yo can take a break from YouTube we’ll understand

  20. Dan I’m confused y do you have 2 assault vests? I thought u couldn’t have double items?

  21. Keep up the great work Dan, you’re doing great! Don’t get down by your leagues, you’ve been very entertaining and I love them despite your recent losing skids. Have fun man, again keep up the good work

  22. HEADSMASH! Let’s see if we can pull a win here! (Also I’m glad you’re in 2 leagues right now because I love this format and one day I want to be a player in a league myself 😄)

  23. Just bring no EV Pokemon, because you’ll still lose cause you’re VGC 17 now :'(

  24. I appreciate all the work you’re going through to keep everyone entertained, Dan. Keep up the good work, don’t be so hard on yourself! Good luck with Regionals and the rest of these tournaments. 😃

  25. hey adrive you are such a cool guy. your shiny hunting videos have inspired me to shiny hunt as well! to this day i have over 65 shiny Pokemon. but the reason i am commenting is to let you Know of a new shiny hunting method i discovered in x and y! if you want me to tell you and teach you how to do this new method contact me please!!! thank you if you are reading this and good luck with all your shines!!

  26. Lots of love to you Dan, thanks for working hard as always

  27. je suis le seul français à aimer sa chaîne je kiff sa chaîne

  28. How does one sign up for one of these leagues?

  29. Content is great man, definitely take a break for yourself. We ain’t going anywhere!

  30. As much as I like the league battles, I feel like you should take a break from some of this. You look like you are DYING.

  31. Pyukumuku is the real threat. Be careful

  32. Imagine if Dan brought taunt for pyukumuku and whimsicot lol

  33. That was the most beautiful "duh" I’ve ever seen.

  34. What item is best for physically offensive Arcanine?

    I run jolly and 252atk/252spe/4hp

    Flare blitz
    Wild charge
    Close combat
    Extreme speed

  35. I feel like razor shell could be better just for that higher chance for a defense drop, and liquidation doesn’t secure that many more one hit kos

  36. I like how Dan is like:" why Dan why are you thinking this" I’m here in my mind I don’t under stand I’m not really Ito Pokemon competitive battling

  37. Arrive you are the best ps your intro is awsome

  38. I understand that your schedule must be busy with both leagues, vgc St.Luis and twich content. But tbh i don’t like when you can’t fully prepare due to your schedule, and as a result this may influence the battle. I guess next week with no vgc at least must be better. 🙂 Stil good luck and hope you can win, although match happened already.

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