Missouri Meals Taste Test


Missouri Meals Taste Check

We pried these six West Coasters from their avocado quinoa salads and had them try out some of Missouri’s signature cuisine. From the Red Sizzling Riplets to St. Louis-style barbecue, their reactions are totally hysterical.

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Every single now and then you meet someone who is totally in enjoy with what they do. And it really is not just that they say they adore what they do, it shows in the way they do it. If you adore what you do, you are going to in no way work a day in your daily life. So the saying goes, and I can not picture that being truer for any person but Cecily and Judy. Ces and Judy’s has been the premier St. Louis catering choice for almost 30 many years. My property has not even been close to that lengthy. And their adore for what they do, their mastery shows in all the little information.

Let’s begin with opera. Although it may seem to be like an odd place to start off when speaking about foods and St. Louis caterers, it truly showcases just how excellent Ces and Judy are at their craft. If you know anything at all about opera you know that it’s always just a bit of chaos behind the scenes, and everybody has to be working together on a simply thoughts-boggling level of artistry to make the whole point operate together as artwork. And for the final 27 years these ladies have been catering for the Opera Theatre of St. Louis.

The neat factor that they do is to include themes and ideas from each and every opera into the foods they bring to the occasion. And in the midst of all that hustle and bustle, to calmly feed many hundred men and women who are not even there for the foods. To make the meal a memorable encounter as a element of a much greater entire – and do it with flair and efficiency is artistry, just like the opera itself.

I say all of that because when you are seeking for catering in St. Louis you require to know that all occasions can be a little chaotic and that it will take experience and excellence to make it all run smoothly. Let’s consider weddings as a excellent instance. You spent months preparing all the little information and worrying yourself sick and dealing with all types of small (or big) problems that seem to crop up all more than the place like weeds – threatening to frustrate your perfect wedding event. Ces and Judy are just what you want.

Men and women have known as them a dream come real for wedding catering simply because they take care of troubles on the spot, producing sure the bride and groom and all their loved ones and guests can actually celebrate as an alternative of worrying about difficulties. They can’t repair your weird uncle Roger, but the foods will be magnificent and you will not have to fear about a point.

But the 1 region that truly displays just how significantly Ces and Judy’s catering really loves the artwork of entertaining comes in the kind of the fantastic drink creations they make. No matter what your occasion, they can come up with a drink that is one of a type just for you. I will have to tell you far more about some of individuals yet another time, but it truly is that kind of customized and customized catering service that puts them in a league of their very own amongst St. Louis caterers.

Great food and magnificent drinks are their passion. And it shines through each and every time they cater an occasion. I did not even mention the reality that they have their personal spot to host your occasion, and can also aid you decide on from other venues if theirs isn’t the correct match. It is catering with no worries. Nearly 3 decades of fine meals and fear free support to hundreds of catering functions in the St. Louis region make Ces and Judy the type of business I actually envy. Loving what they do and doing it for a lifetime.

Allow Ces and Judy take care of your following St. Louis catering gig. You can attain them to discuss catering for your following occasion at 314-991-6700 or go to their internet site at

Comments (50)

  1. I didn’t realize Californian’s had never seen pork ribs before….although I’m not 100% sure those ribs were BBQ’d, as I see no signs of a smoke ring. They looked like boiled ribs from Applebees. Oh, and where’s the Cashew Chicken?

  2. Butter cocaine pie…. I love that term now X3   – A Missouri Native

  3. I’m from missouri and lived here for 11 years and haven’t had most of this food

  4. im in Jefferson city and i don’t know some of these

  5. Gooey butter cake is the best thing about living here😍

  6. dear movoto originals,
    I am very disappointed that you would use St. Louis BBQ, when KC MO is famous for it BBQ and taste a million times better. very disappointed on that, but the rest of it was pretty funny.

  7. I live in Missouri 😁

  8. I’m eating red hot riplets right now 😁

  9. You should have used more stuff from Kansas City, our BBQ is far superior from St Louis. And we have butter bacon burgers 🙂

  10. I’m from stl n Imos is the best pizza n I love the BBQ right along with the cake….

  11. This is literally just St. Louis food… KC does it better.

  12. yall need to do alabama.. some good choc gravy and biscuits

  13. I’m a Missourian and that "Imo’s" didn’t look how real imo’s looked. Its more baked and even looks more cheesy. Wtf was that lol

  14. Thank you for doing my state! We in Missouri thank you! You guys were trending on a lot of Missourians Facebooks and you were on our news stations!

  15. As a Missourian, I can honestly say that I’ve never even heard of Red Hot Riplets.

  16. I grew up in the St Louis area (and actually, all of this food is more of a St Louis thing than a Missouri thing) and I’ve lived in Long Beach, CA for the past 10 years. This is hilarious! These are all the foods I seek out when I travel back home. Thanks!

  17. You do know you only chose food from St. Louis Missouri right?! Because if you really want to represent the whole state it would be nice if you actually picked from multiple cities. Kansas City is one of those cities that you failed to represent in this video.

  18. Uhhh…. I’m from Missouri and not had any of that food.  Also, Missouri is composed of more than St. Louis (thank you lord).

  19. Okay Im from Missouri, lived here my whole life all this food was from the st.Louis area. Ribs are the same everywhere in Missouri but why didnt we feed the Cashew chicken from Springfield mo.

  20. Those hot chips are made in my town. They are HOT, even babies eat them here.

  21. I am a Missouri girl and one thing I believe we do right is our BBQ.

  22. We have the best food here! Toasted ravioli=the bomb! I wish I had money so I could go buy some!

  23. I’m from St,Louis and the best ribs are those cooked by the residents themselves.  There are few if any good barbeque joints.  But get some ribs from a regular resident and there is no better ribs in the world.  The original Imo’s was some of the best pizza in  the world. Like eating succulent pizza on a potato chip.  They franchised and then it became cheese on thick crackers.  Gooey butter cake is insanely good and criminally sweet.  The best part are the edges.

  24. Our school lunch used to have Toasted ravioli, so goes to show the lengths we go to eat them. XD

  25. The skinny guy in polka dots is an A** in all of these videos. Get rid of him…he bashes every food from every city in this series. How is he helpful?

  26. I don’t know why you got them saint Louis bbq when Kansas City has the best bbq the state has to offer, Kansas City bbq is amazing

  27. Single greatest comment form the video "This is better then our Honeymoon"

  28. It’d been nice to actually get their feedback they were trying too hard with the jokes….I miss Missouri food I’m in Texas now its just not the same

  29. These are all St. Louis foods. Toasted ravioli is incredible. St. Louis style pizza is either love it or hate it. And, gooey butter cake should be popular outside of St. Louis. I don’t know why it isn’t.

  30. Skipping Kansas City is an absolute travesty. Should have just called it "St. Louis Food Test".

  31. Missouri got the best BBQ in the whole world

  32. You guys chose St. Louis BBQ over Kansas City BBQ? Don’t you know KC is in Missouri? What’s wrong with you people?!?

  33. Oh. And for those who say KC barbeque is better than St. Louis BQ don’t believe it.  KC is known for their sauce.  St. Louis is known for its slow smoked meat.  It doesn’t need any help from sauce even though a nice messy ribtip sandwich slathered in potato salad and barbecue sauce will have you sucking your fingers until they shrivel like being in the bath too long.

  34. I live in Missouri, and I’ve only heard of the St. Louis style pizza

  35. I live in st Louis and thought that this was entertaining I was really laughing at how all their mouths were burning when they were eating the red hot ribblets I’m like they are not even that hot

  36. So true with the red hot riplets…..once you eat one you dont wanna stop lol

  37. Imos is amazing but this was all St. Louis food

  38. That wasn’t imos nor was it st.louis style pizza

  39. AHHHHHH Butter cocaine pie!!!!  That had me dying over hear!!  LLAD (Laughing like a donkey)

  40. I live in missouri and I’ve never had deep fried ravioli

  41. I’m from Missouri, & I will say while a lot of the foods on this list are good, you really only focused on STL foods. I personally feel that KC has better BBQ & I was shocked when you left out Springfield Cashew chicken, besides BBQ, it’s the main food that Missouri is famous for. But that’s just me being picky. Great video.

  42. Love these!  Adam and Erin should ALWAYS be teamed together, Maggie inspires severe brainless, and I’m hoping for a taste test of Texas favorites!

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