Louis Armstrong – Saint Louis Blues


Louis Armstrong – Saint Louis Blues

Louis Armstrong with Velma Middleton & His All Stars – Saint Louis Blues

Album: Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Useful
Yr: 1954
Label: Columbia

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St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Avalanche Of Scoring
St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Avalanche Of ScoringGood morning Blues supporters! The St. Louis Blues took advantage of the situation last night and produced the most of it. They snapped their five-game dropping streak and acquired back to scoring. The St. Louis Blues came out of their shell final night against the Colorado …
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They had been on their way to observe a Blues game. Then they saw the burning house and stopped to assist.

They have been on their way to watch a Blues game. Then they noticed the burning house and stopped to assist.
They were on their way to watch a Blues game. Then they saw the burning house and stopped to help.COLLINSVILLE • Two buddies had been on their way to observe a St. Louis Blues hockey game on Tv on Friday evening when they saw some commotion: frantic people outside a burning house on South Hesperia Street. “I rolled down the window and we heard, ‘My grandma’s …
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They have been on their way to observe a Blues game. Then they noticed the burning home and stopped to aid. Information & Events

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Comments (50)

  1. I remember hearing this melody about 1948 or 1949 when I was 7 or 8. This was in Tulsa Ok and I admired the city of Saint Louis Mo. not so far away. 12 bar blues.

  2. Looking for a woman around thirty four, that likes this song, I don’t think they exist. lol

  3. Yes! Velma Middleton and Louis…’heaven, I’m in heaven’…. 🙂

  4. What i don’t get is those 211 idiots who disliked this video/song,like you don’t just land on this by accident you have to search for Louis or be interested in 20s and 30s Jazz music. It’s arguably one of the best Louis/Ella collaborations.

  5. Louis’ solos near the end are just above and beyond! Wow!

  6. me dan ganas de tomar destilados en un bar a lado de puros perdedores y mujeres de mal vivir cuando escucho louis Armstrong


  8. 204 dislikes. Did you folks end up here by mistake? This is the blues/jazz at it’s sumblime best.

  9. The entire thing is absolutely amazing, 3:03 onwards for about 30 seconds in particular was an absolute musical masterpiece.

  10. 204 diehards! – that fabulous clarinet solo of Barney Bigard and Trummy Young’s powerful trombone, let alone Louis’s inspirational playing, could not penetrate those dead souls: sad.

  11. i love this song and i love the pop on the radio because i can appreciate music without being an elitist asshole

  12. タイトルだけで曲をしらなかったから、どんな曲かと期待したら

  13. Tähän ei väsy koskaan se soi aina hyvänä kappaleena suoraan ihan sydämen viimeiseen sopukkaan asti. Trumpetti laulu oh boi !

  14. My Dad played trombone for Louis on a few occasions when Louis came to England and called Dad up to play and once in Nice jazz festival. He said to Dad ‘ you play just like my boy Jack’ (Teagarden). This comment from Louis was probably the highlight in Dad’s jazz career of approximately 70 years. Dad is now 96 and is currently recovering from double pneumonia in hospital with the help of great nursing at Bath Royal United hospital, antibiotics for the body and lashings of Louis being played in his ear for the soul ! Thanks Louis for literally bringing Dad back from the precipis. miracles do happen!

  15. A masterpiece. Armstrong’s All stars is one of the most underrated acts in jazz in my view. The trumbono solo is alone enough to make Trummy Young one of the greatest in my book. Few pieces encapsulate the spirit of jazz as this performance does.

  16. Un excelente trompetista ,mis respetos al gran Louis Armstrong….Unico en su estilo ..

  17. One of the founding fathers of Jazz idiom…or Jazz music!

  18. I fell in love with jazz music because of this man and this song. When I read, as a 12 year old in 1977, of how badly Mr. Armstrong was treated by many, if not most white people, they were blocked from hotels, restaurants and even lavatories. I cried inside. I came to realize that racism is a virus that infects too many people. All these years later I’m still saddened by how this virus still infects too many people. Modern genetics have proven that "race" is a false notion, as if that matters. The people who were pulled from their lives and their land and then forced without recompense to come to this country to build this wonderful nation, including constructing the ahem White House. The progeny of America’s saddest mistake, slavery, have contributed so much to our world. Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural address is IMHO the greatest speech ever written by an American President he said "Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said "the judgements of the Lord are true and righteous altogether." Amen. Peace

  19. Genius. Pure feckin’ genius.

  20. Un bon cognac , un bon fauteuil et hop

  21. Louis ,you the king of jazz , one of my favorites ! ! ! especially dig those high notes

  22. Just pure dead brilliant,always loved you satchmo..

  23. Anyone have the notes to the clarinet part?

  24. Purée merveille totalement magnifique infiniment Top

  25. Wonderfull ! Satchmo was created symbolism and perfects lines singular Jazz.

  26. I am 15 and I listen to a variety of music but this is different and calming, as a trumpet player I love listening to jazz

  27. The best version I have ever heard!!!

  28. my grandfather tells me of seeing one of his shows as a child

  29. Would like to know something about the 210 people who gave this great performance a thumbs-down. Where do they live? What do they eat? Whom do they vote for? What highways do they drive and where do they shop for food? They might be anywhere, but let’s hope they’re not in my town or yours!

  30. am I the only kid who has a good taste in music?? ppl in my age are listening to heavy metal and rap and shit like that, I’m 16 and really keen on this music.

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