I have developed a massive loft bed for my little ones and the total material expense extra up to just £100.
Required materials and rates are shown at the finish of the video.
The video is only for informational or notion functions and I strongly advise not to copy and create the identical furnishings due to substantial risk of serious harm and damage, for which I hold no responsibility. I advise to have it created by a professional carpenter or builder.

I am a Computer fix and services technician by profession and occasionaly also operate on diy tasks. I will be uploading product testimonials and diy tutorials on my youtube channel. If you like my videos then please subscribe for more to come… 🙂

Click on the hyperlinks under to see the major electrical power resources I have used to develop this loft bed:
Compound Mitre Noticed:
Cordless Combi Drill:

Background Music source:
Cold Funk – Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed beneath a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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Vintage Edison Industrial Loft Ceiling Fixtures Lamp Bar DIY Chandelier Lights

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Flooring the attic. 27 8×2 t&g osb.
Posted via electronic mail from Ken Power’s lifestream
By kenpower on 2009-07-18 19:06:08

Comments (22)

  1. The only thing I’d be wary about.

    All the framing you’re doing you’re putting a single screw in every where timber meets timber. No double-screwing or glue-and-screw or joins of any sort.

    So you’re relying on the shear-strength of single screws in some places where you’d REALLY want to make sure nothing breaks loose (like the step ladder).

    As taking the whole platform apart isn’t feasible this is what I’d do.

    For those cross-braces on the platform itself, go back in and put an additional screw on each side.

    For the step ladder, just to be REALLY safe, pull it down. get yourself a bottle of decent construction adhesive or at least wood glue.
    Pull each step out one at a time. Dab the ends with glue and double-screw them back into the stringer. Then remount the step ladder (again, glue and double-screw).

    Sure, it’ll cost you a little extra in materials, but it’ll result in a MUCH more durable (and safer) project in the end.

    Also, OSB isn’t exactly the greatest material to walk (or crawl) on. And you can get splinters.
    Consider half-inch sanded plywood instead or overlay it with some cheap hardboard panels for a nice smooth surface. Or you could just go with cheap rugs and stuff.

  2. Gonna use this video for the one I’m gonna build in a couple weeks.

  3. Love the music for this video 😛

  4. Amazing bed man you did a cool job😊👍👌

  5. Nice one mate. Now I want to try and give it a go.

  6. Would this be too unstable if it wasn’t drilled into the walls?

  7. i want to do something like this with a queen bed. but when i do i am going to use 4by4 post and group 8 bolts for my legs then i can take 2×6 and do it all right for $300 usd. it will be safe up to 8800 lbs. with a stairs and all. love to do a video if i do it. if i can find the money.

  8. I have been asked to share a list of all used material for the bed. Please see at the end of the video at 4:20 there is a list of used material available. You can pause the video and write down or take a picture of it. For my main tools I have used a circular saw and a good quality cordless drill. You can see short videos of unboxing those tools by clicking these links:

    Cordless combi dril:
    Compound mitre saw:

  9. First of all nice video, second of all how much time did it require to build the loft bed? Just for personal references I want to do a cost calculation between do it yourself labour per hour and buying a finished product.

  10. 2×6’s probably would have been better for the spanning portion…

  11. I hope you realize that the SHEAR STRENGTH OF A DRYWALL SCREW IS VERY LIMITED!!!!   You are placing 2×3’s it looks like at 90* with what….a 5" drywall screw?  EVEN WORSE.  You should have counter sunk lag bolts!  I hope you took into consideration the thickness of your drywall even before it hit a stud…..oh never mind I’m not offering any more opinions.  This is just dangerous all the way around.

  12. Great job! Looks, safe, sturdy, and economical. What more could you ask for?

  13. what a genius idea really amazing….this would have cost you at least £1000 in a retail shop ! thanks for sharing and well done !

  14. What are you a little person??? = 0 And next time BEFORE you put up the rails
    lay your floor down first!! =0

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