Economic system Crash? Recession Recovery? St. Louis Commute Part 1 Bike Blogger


Economic climate Crash? Recession Recovery? St. Louis Commute Part 1 Bike Blogger

It has been 9 many years given that the economic climate crashed (2007). How has the recovery been for your city? Slow? Non-existent? Quickly?

The Boulevard South is a proposed future development project that was put on hold when the financial recession hit. It was to be anchored by Dick’s Sporting Products but given that has been modified to mixed use development.

The website extends from the present Boulevard retail outlet down to Antler Drive. The Burger King located south of that is no longer in the scope.

The undertaking is nevertheless on hold last I checked due to funding troubles, so the lot continues to sit vacant at the nexus of my city metropolis.

Note: Yes, prior to the economic climate crash of 2007 there had been some homes on that vacant land I visited. They were leveled to build a shopping center that in no way came.

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Economy Crash? Recession Recovery? St. Louis Commute Component one Bike Blogger by BikeBlogger

St. Louis Submit-Dispatch David Nicklaus – Economy column

St. Louis Submit-Dispatch David Nicklaus – Economy column
St. Louis Post-Dispatch David Nicklaus – Economy columnMarch 11–It truly is as well bad Republicans are making an attempt to rush their health care program by way of Congress. They have some ideas that could truly operate, but they’re wrapped in a deeply flawed bundle. Take, for instance, the way the proposed American Health Care Act …
St Louis News & Events Story Posted on 2017-03-12T00:51:00

St. Louis Submit-Dispatch David Nicklaus – Economy column Information & Events

St. Louis Mayor stepping down

St. Louis Mayor stepping down
St. Louis Mayor stepping downThe law company, ecstatic to be acquiring the renown gentleman who has single handedly overseen a rebound in the St. Louis economic system, is grateful for Slay’s commitment and services to his neighborhood. Frank Neuner, St. Louis Managing Companion of Spencer Fane …
St Louis News & Events Story Posted on 2017-03-05T20:13:00

St. Louis Mayor stepping down News & Events

St Louis STL Care & Friends Image of the Day

Clancy, Tom – Debt of Honor (1994 HB)
Debt of Honor
G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1994
766 pages
Jacket design and style and illustration by Lawrence Ratzkin

From the dust jacket:
Each novel by Tom Clancy has been &quota jaw-tightener and a nail-biter of the very first purchase,&quot as the San Diego Union described Without Remorse. But Debt of Honor surpasses them all, with Jack Ryan dealing with his greatest challenge – towards a peril that might turn out to be all too genuine.

In retrospect, it would seem to be an odd way to commence a war…

The finish of history. The new planet purchase. Fine phrases, but as Jack Ryan is about to find out, history isn’t dead yet – and only the nature of the risk is new.

On the Pacific island of Saipan, a wealthy Japanese businessman regards his new-purchased land with satisfaction. In the Indian Ocean off Sri Lanka, a foreign navy begins a series of very unusual workouts. At the headquarters of America’s significant stock-clearing corporation, an engineer brings a custom-made personal computer system on-line for the very first time, and smiles at his very own private joke. 3 seemingly unrelated incidents, but all just the 1st hyperlinks in a chain of events that will stun the world.

Called out of retirement to serve as the new President’s Nationwide Protection Advisor, Jack Ryan swiftly realizes that the issues of peace are entirely as complex as people of war. Enemies have become close friends, buddies enemies, and even the form of conflict has modified. What he are not able to recognize, however, is just how shut the next conflict is. And when 1 of people new enemies readies a strike not only at America’s territory, but at the heart of her economy, it is Ryan, with the help of CIA officers John Clark and Domingo Chavez, who should put together an untested President to meet the challenge, if Ryan can only figure out how. For there is a debt of honor to be paid – and the price will be terrifyingly higher…

Debt of Honor is Tom Clancy’s most timely and gripping novel however. Filled with the outstanding realism and intricate plotting that are his hallmarks, it attests to the words of the St. Louis Publish-Dispatch: &quotThis man can inform a story.&quot

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By sdobie on 2010-10-19 07:51:37

Comments (16)

  1. Don’t know if you follow my channel or not, but here is a basic bare bones breakdown: I was disabled and then fired because I need a medical aide to walk. Then poverty from massive lose of income of a wage that was already poverty line level. Suicidal depression came next. Then I was locked up because of the suicidal depression society created. Then a flood of traffic tickets for ride my bicycle IN THE EXACT FASHION THE STATE OF NJ INSTRUCTED ME TO DO!

    Which then led to more suicidal depression only to be abused by a social worker from Jewish Family Services. I’m now completely homeless and living in a tent and facing charges from JFS as they attempt to stem the fallout of the abuse they did to me. With no legal defense and no recognition of my victim status…..suicide is the only option for relief I have left.

  2. just don’t move to Southern California. housing is astronomically stupid high and wages are way too low.

  3. Hi. Really interests me to read how people have experienced the GFC in different areas of the states; and from the perspective of ordinary citizens. I’m not in the US, so the view we get of the US (economically and in other ways) is hopelessly massaged before we see it.

  4. I think you can tell how well a city or suburb is doing by how well the roads are maintained. The area I live in has jobs, but they are low paying in most cases.

  5. It was a finishing nail. Usually applied with an air powered nailer..

    Economy is weak where I am. We are an oil producing province. As far as my job goes, I work in health care so I haven’t seen any cut backs so far. I am financially ready to retire so if my job goes away, I am still OK. I have been commuting to work by bicycle for more than three years now. Commuting by bike for the health benefits.

  6. So jealous of your clear pavement. I’m mean riding in deep snow is fun and all but it sure does make commuting a bit more complicated sometimes lol

  7. 5:41 red Ferrari 458 sweet! Last time I rode through that particular intersection under I-64, I spotted an Aston Martin that sounded amazing. People are doing pretty well around there, I think.

  8. I live in Vermont. I think the economy is doing ok in Chittenden County (the state’s most populous) but not so great in the rural areas. I think this is true nationwide. I enjoy seeing that St. Louis still looks like fall or summer with grass and leaves on the trees. It’s stick season here – no a single leaf left on a tree and now everything is white. I would love to be there biking with you.

  9. Speaking of the economy and Dick’s Sporting Goods, we’ve had a few closed down around where I live. Places like Dick’s, Sports Chalet, Sports Authority, etc., are all closing down. They’re headed the e-commerce way, for the most part, as people are basically just ordering everything off the internet these days.

    Also, I believe you were referring to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

  10. Got the tire backward this time BB. Not a big issue for you seeing how easy it is for you to install it on your rim. 2 thumbs up for that.

  11. @BikeBlogger Hello BB. Do you run tubeless? Other than that, Austin TX has a real good economy. The only challenge is competing for jobs with all of the college students.

  12. Lots of construction in and around the Memphis area and surrounding areas, especially in north MS. I know the Dow Jones hit it lowest point in 2009 (below 7,000), and now it’s up to record highs near 20,000 now.

  13. At 10 minutes it looks like that was a residential area at one time. The sidewalk and trees appear to be planted in what was the front of a house.

  14. I was in high school at the time, programs were cut. Neither parent lose their job. I guess not as many people shopping in NYC. I lived in the BX at the time and the Bx still has a very high unemployment rate (10%). Currently I am out of college, took me awhile to find a job but working now and happy where I am.

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