Chicago Blackhawks @ St. Louis Blues. Round one Game seven


Chicago Blackhawks @ St. Louis Blues. Round 1 Game seven

25.04.2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Round one
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If you are pondering of visiting a city with a great deal to do, them come to St. Louis, Missouri. Though Missouri is a state that is fabled to have absolutely nothing to supply except for flat fields, in actuality there is so a lot to do.

The primary attraction is an architectural phenomenon, and you probably have heard of it. It is the Gateway Arch.

The gateway arch is definitely a spectacle to see, and hundreds of vacationers come and check out it each and every yr. It is 630 feet tall, and made entirely out of stainless steel.

Rides to the top are also offered, which give men and women with a lovely and breathtaking see of Gateway City. This is a wonderful way to expertise a new city for the first time.

Anther monument, positioned incredibly close to the Arch, is the Jefferson National Growth Memorial. This memorial was constructed the place Lewis and Clark set out on their historical expedition to discover the wild, west.

Visitors to the monument can also climb aboard a 19th century paddle-wheel boat and get component in a narrated cruise down the famous Mississippi river. And that is only the beginning.

Baseball is also another attraction of St. Louis, property of their 10-time globe champion staff, the Cardinals. A lot of people who have by no means even been to St. Louis are Cardinals supporters, because they are one of the American classic teams.

However, if baseball is not your sport, then you should head on more than to the ice rink and view a Ram’s hockey game. St. Louis is a town that takes pride in their sports, so any game or sporting occasion you attend will exude the spirit of the state.

In addition to watching sports activities nonetheless, there are other fun items to do in St. Louis that are far more characteristic of other huge cities in the United States. For instance, they have 6 Flags theme park, which has night concerts and a water park incorporated.

Also, shopping in a large city is often fun and a hit. If you just want a day off to relax, they strolling the streets and window purchasing is excellent.

For a night out, the city at evening is definitely hopping with men and women and entertaining places to go. Washington Avenue or Laclede’s Landing has some of the hottest bars and dance clubs all around, and if you are into fashionable boutiques and upscale dining then verify out Clayton or the Central West Finish.

St. Louis is also residence to a single of the greatest urban parks in the nation, which attracts 12 million visitors a year. It is a stunning location with gorgeous scenic biking and strolling trails, and wonderful floral displays and golf courses.

The Missouri Botanical Backyard is also a popular attraction, with its 79 acres of completely breathtaking gardens. There are waterfalls, tropical birds, and exotic plants as properly as fountains and statues.

St. Louis is an incredible city with so significantly to offer you. Missouri is not all dull flat lands, and it has really managed to make a cultural identify for itself in the United States.

For instance, thousands of people come every single yr for the International Film Festival, and in the summer season there is the Rib America Festival and Fair St. Louis, which attributes fireworks, air displays, and dwell enjoyment. There is also the St. Louis Art Honest, Soulard Oktoberfest, and in February St. Louis hosts a Mardi Gras second only to New Orleans.

Also, not like New Orleans, St. Louis has so several independent landmark theaters that have not been topic to water damage or fire harm. It is a spot that has retained all of its wealthy history and architecture.

To learn more about St. Louis’s historical past and the background of the United States, you can take a stroll through the Previous Courthouse exactly where restored courtrooms and galleries depict significant historical moments. Also, end by the Missouri Background Museum and see the property of Ragtime legend Scott Joplin.

If you are interested in architecture and artwork then verify out the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis or the historic Previous Cathedral and St. Ferdinand Shrine, each of which have stood in St. Louis because the early 19th century. The Museum of Modern Religious Artwork is also extremely interesting.

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  1. I will always remember that double post that Seabrook did. Ik that Panik tipped it but I still count it as Seabrooks. But my heart sunk when I heard that post. I had never been more nervous ever before. It was nothing more and nothing less than a miracle. But when I heard that post I thought it was over. But this was a hell of a Game 7. You don’t see many better games than this

  2. Best game of hockey I’ve ever witnessed. LGB

  3. That clank off both posts is still hard to watch


  5. Thanks for the post! Here I am, mid-August. I’m going thru serious Hockey withdrawal. This is relief!

  6. Miss this Blues team… The atmosphere at Scottrade this night was the loudest I’ve ever been in. And I’ve been to Cardinals World Series games!

  7. I agree with Gregory. Awesome stuff! It’s hard to keep up with the playoffs when I don’t have cable. I appreciate it!

  8. If you’re going to lose to the Blues in game 7, then this was a game to watch.  Pathetic loss by the Stars to the Blues in the second round.  Even worse the place emptied out.  Dallas had entertaining hockey all year and their fans should have stayed to the end.  The Playoffs is about peaking at the right time.  I expect a Blues – Penguins final and that should be hard played hockey.  Thanks for posting the game.

  9. Heartbreaking loss. But what a grinding series this was. Back and forth the entire series. The Blues deserved it this year.

  10. The atmosphere at this game was the most electric I’ve ever seen in almost any stadium

  11. pierre mcguire shouldn’t even be allowed to commentate on the special olympics.

  12. best subscribe on youtube in a while, you’re the best man, keep the games coming!

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