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The most high-priced international area to live in, as at July 2009, is still Tokyo Japan, however there have been some important changes in the last year largely due to massive differences in exchange prices, and a lot more not too long ago, a genuine drop in charges along with the vast majority of international areas enjoying their lowest inflation charges in current times.

Tokyo’s expense of residing index only enhanced by 1.4% from July 2008 to July 2009, but is sixteen index points clear of 2nd placed Hong Kong (11th in July 2008). Final yr Oslo, Norway, was the 2nd most high-priced international area to reside, nonetheless Oslo’s value of residing relative to the rest of the world has decreased by 27 index factors more than the past yr.

The cost of living indexes are based on pricing the very same basket of products in regional currency and evaluating them in US Bucks making use of exchange costs with New York as the base (New York = one hundred). In most instances the significant factor driving the modifications has been the weakening of other currencies towards the US Dollar. This is the principal element behind Oslo’s drop from 2nd to 13th most expensive worldwide location to live. The Norwegian Kroner has decreased 19% against the US Dollar above the past year. In contrast the Japanese Yen has enhanced 12.7% towards the US Dollar more than the previous yr.

The five Most Costly Global Locations Overall
Joining Tokyo and Hong Kong in the top five most costly worldwide spots are Caracas in Venezuela (up 62 places in the rankings) to 3rd most costly, followed by Bangui in the Central African Republic, and in 5th area is Geneva in Switzerland, down two areas from July 2008.

The 5 Largest jumps
The largest enhance in relative price of living is Harare in Zimbabwe, albeit off a extremely lower base. Harare has been ranked the least expensive global location for many years, primarily due to hyperinflation and a continuously weakening currency. This yr Zimbabwe’s price of living index has jumped 118% and is now ranked 275th most high-priced out of 276 worldwide spots. Other big increases in relative value of living in the past 12 months are Honiara in the Solomon Islands up 37% compared to July 2008, Caracas up 22%, Kigali in Rwanda up 19% although the 5th greatest leap belongs to Manama in Bahrain, up 17%.

The 5 Least Expensive Worldwide Spots General
The least high-priced global area to reside in this 12 months is Tianjin in China with a cost of living index of just thirty in contrast to New York’s index of one hundred. Harare in Zimbabwe, last many years least pricey worldwide place is now 2nd least costly, followed by Durban in South Africa. Phnom Penh in Cambodia is ranked 4th least costly followed by Mbabane in Swaziland.

The five Largest drops
The largest lower in relative value of residing is Nuku’Alofa in Tonga with a lower of 45%, followed by Brazzaville in the Congo with a lessen of 31%. The Congolese Franc has lost 44% towards the US Dollar in contrast to July 2008. Mbabane in Swaziland had a lower in relative cost of living of 30%, whilst Budapest in Hungary decreased 28%. The 5th greatest reduce between July 2008 and July 2009 was Guangzhou in China with a decrease of 27% despite the Yuan strengthening slightly against the US Dollar by one%.

The Particulars: What Charges the Most The place?

Top 5 Alcohol &amp Tobacco
Alcoholic beverages this kind of as beer, locally produced spirit, whiskey, and wine as nicely as tobacco items this kind of as cigarettes are most high-priced in Doha in Qatar, followed by Oslo, Manama, Moroni in Comores and South Tarawa in Kiribati. The least expensive area for alcohol &amp tobacco is Kuwait.

Top five Clothes
Clothing and footwear merchandise such as company fits, informal clothes, children’s clothing and footwear, coats and hats, evening wear, shoe repairs, and underwear are most pricey also in Doha, followed by Zagreb in Croatia, Dubai, Beijing and Manama. The least costly spot for clothes is Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Communication
Communication fees this kind of as home telephone rental and call costs, internet connection and services supplier charges, mobile / cellular cellphone contract and calls are most expensive in Bissau in Guinea-Bissau, followed by Noumea in New Caledonia, Riga in Latvia, Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, and Douala in Cameroon. The least costly location for communication is Conakry in Guinea.

Best 5 Schooling
Expenses this kind of as crèche / pre-college costs, higher college / college charges, principal school charges, and tertiary review costs are most pricey in Caracas followed by Luanda in Angola, Brasilia in Brazil, Hamilton in Bermuda and Lagos in Nigeria. The least pricey location for training is Paramaribo in Suriname.

Top five Furnishings &amp Appliances
Expenses for furniture, family products and family appliances this kind of as DVD player, fridge freezer, iron, kettle, toaster, microwave, light bulbs, tv, vacuum cleaner, and washing machine are most pricey in Douala, followed by Bamako in Mali, Bangui, Lagos, and Freetown in Sierra Leone. The least high-priced spot for furnishings &amp appliances is Harare.

Best 5 Groceries
Charges for meals, non-alcoholic beverages and cleansing material objects such as child consumables, baked goods, baking, canned meals, cheese, cleansing goods, dairy, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fruit juices, meat, oil &amp vinegars, pet food, pre-prepared meals, sauces, seafood, snacks, soft drinks, spices &amp herbs are most expensive in Tokyo followed by Bangui, Honiara, Copenhagen in Denmark, and Lagos. The least costly location for groceries is once again Harare.

Prime five Healthcare
Fees for common healthcare, health-related and health-related insurance coverage such as basic practitioner consultation prices, hospital private ward every day fee, non-prescription medicine, and personal medical insurance coverage / health-related aid contributions are most costly in Tokyo followed by Hong Kong, Caracas, Luanda and Hamilton in Bermuda. The least pricey area for healthcare is Tianjin.

Best 5 Home
Costs for housing, water, electrical power, family gasoline, household fuels, regional charges and residential taxes such as home / flat mortgage loan, home / flat rental, household electricity consumption, household gas / fuel consumption, household water consumption, and nearby property prices / taxes / levies are most expensive in Hong Kong followed by Tokyo, Taipei in Taiwan, Dubai, and Luanda. The least pricey location for family expenses is Asmara in Eritrea.

Leading 5 Private Care
Costs for individual care items and solutions this kind of as cosmetics, hair care, moisturizer / sun block, nappies, pain relief tablets, toilet paper, toothpaste, and soap / shampoo / conditioner are most pricey in Banjul in Gambia followed by, Algiers in Algeria, South Tarawa in Kiribati, Moroni in the Comores, and Bratislava in Slovakia. The least high-priced location for personal care is Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Top five Recreation &amp Culture
Charges this kind of as books, camera movie, cinema ticket, DVD and CD’s, sports activities items, sports activities clubs and theatre tickets are most expensive in Maputo in Mozambique followed by Bangui, Doha, N’Djamena in Chad, and Cotonou in Benin. The least expensive place for recreation &amp culture is Harare.

Leading 5 Restaurants, Meals Out and Hotel
Expenses such as enterprise dinner, dinner at a restaurant (non fast meals), hotel prices, take away drinks and snacks (quick Foods) are most pricey in Dubai followed by Doha, Athens in Greece, Brussels in Belgium and Ljubljana in Slovenia. The least expensive place for dining establishments, meals out and hotel is Tianjin.

Prime 5 Transport
Costs for public transport, motor vehicle expenses, motor vehicle fuel, motor vehicle insurance and motor vehicle servicing such as retain the services of buy / lease of automobile, petrol / diesel, public transport service maintenance, tires, car Insurance coverage, and motor vehicle acquire are most pricey in Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia, followed by Honiara, Dili in Timor-Leste, Douala, and Oslo. The least expensive place for transport is Tianjin.

The Prime five Very best Place to Dwell
So if you had been to relocate anyplace in the globe right now, exactly where would you encounter the lowest cost of living with the least volume of hardship? Hardship is used as the measure of discomfort a individual and their family members are very likely to expertise. Every single worldwide spot is ranked in between one which is minimum hardship and 4 which is severe hardship. Assuming as a result that you would want to live in a minimum hardship location, the place with the lowest cost of residing index is Adelaide in Australia. Adelaide is a minimum hardship location and has a expense of living index of 60 in contrast to New York’s index of a hundred. The up coming six very best areas to reside on this basis are all in the USA. Memphis Tennessee is 2nd followed by El Paso Texas 3rd, St Louis Missouri 4th, and in 5th is Indianapolis Indiana. The subsequent best non-USA location is Auckland in New Zealand in 8th place.

The thorough price of residing rankings as at July 2009 for each and every basket group for each and every of the in excess of 200 worldwide locations can be found at The premium articles worldwide expense of living calculator and price of living allowance calculator are utilized for worldwide value of residing comparison and calculation of value of living allowance.

Steven Coleman runs an world wide web services that offers free price of living and hardship information for 276 international spots to registered consumers. The premium material global cost of living calculator and cost of residing allowance calculator are utilized for worldwide cost of residing comparison and calculation of price of residing allowance. Follow Steven on twitter steveninseattle .

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